STRENGTH SHOES ON SALE SIZES 5-15 WITH FREE SPRING TRAINING BONUS PACKAGE WORTH $135.00 PLUS FREE SHIPPING & FREE SALES TAX UNTIL June 1st! - Discover the NEW AND IMPROVED ATI STRENGTH TRAINING SHOES with our SPRING TRAINING SPECIALS on NEW ATI STRENGTH SHOES which have all the latest improvements!  Make sure to scroll down this page to learn how to avoid the old model Strength Shoe that may have quality issues and may not fit.  See extensive multi-angle photos of the new model Strength Shoes and learn about our exclusive sport specific Strength Shoe videos designed for your sport, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and calf building as well as Team and School discounts! We usually stock pile multiple pairs of Strength Shoes in each size for team orders including small 5, 5.5, 6 and large size 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14 and 15 with local pick up and try ons available by appointment.
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NEW MODEL 2015 ATI STRENGTH SHOES ON SALE WITH SPRING TRAINING BONUS TRAINING GIFTS UNTIL June 1st PLUS FREE SHIPPING & FREE SALES TAX sizes 5-15 Includes High Definition DVD, 4 Phase Training Manual and Stretching Strap in Every Box & 7 FREE TRAINING BONUSES WORTH $135.00!

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From the desk of Eric Moyer
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Dear Athlete, Parent or Coach:

Congratulations on finding the Athlete's and Coach's #1 Website for STRENGTH SHOES  plus STRENGTH SHOES FOR BASKETBALL videos plus Football, Volleyball and Calf Building where you get FREE SHIPPING, NO SALES TAX- WE PAY YOUR SALES TAX AND FREE SPRING TRAINING BONUS TRAINING GIFTS to enhance athletic performance even more.

With listened to your requests and for a limited time we are including our SPRING TRAINING BONUS TRAINING PACKAGE until June 1st! We're giving you something extra you can actually use to Jump Higher, Run Faster and Play Stronger in any any sport!  These SPRING TRAINING TRAINING BONUS GIFTS are normally only included as part of our JumpingAdvantage® Boot camp series but from now until June 1st they are included as your free "gift with purchase" of  Strength Shoes.  You can read more about the bonus training gifts below all the Strength Shoe details.

We only sell new STRENGTH SHOES, no old models or cheap knock off copies here, only the newest and best with FREE SHIPPING AND BONUSES with additional discounts for team and school orders. There are 4 ways to order: 1) SECURE ONLINE BY PHONE Toll Free (855)969-5600 or direct (714)969-5600, BY MAIL ✉ with our printable mail order form and 4) School purchase order.

But before you order please take a few important moments to read down this page to learn about the following:

• CORRECT SIZING (Our new models fit differently than old models and NIKE)
• How to avoid the quality issues of prior model Strength Shoes (that may also not fit)
• Learn the advantages of Strength Shoes vs. cheaper strap on soles
• Our exclusive sport specific STRENGTH SHOES videos for football, basketball, volleyball and calf building
• Discover how pairing POWER SPEED CHUTES with Strength Shoes workouts can add to your results
• 14 Day 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee plus a 1 Year Warranty providing coverage for defects in manufacturing
• ATI Strength Training Shoes for Girls
• Minimum age requirements

STRENGTH SHOES FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How do they work? Strength Systems, Inc. originally created the concept of frontal training platform shoes over 17 years ago. In regular shoes, 70% of the body¹s weight rests on the heel. Therefore, the calf muscles exert little effort in supporting the body. With Strength Shoes workouts, the heel is eliminated, causing the calves to support 100% of the body's weight. This overload works the calves and Achilles tendons with a force equal to 6 times the body's weight upon impact not only to improve strength and flexibility but the "wiring or pathway between the muscles and brain known as the MONOSYNAPTIC STRETCH REFLEX (MSR).

As the force of impact occurs, the heel dips causing the calf muscles to stretch. The Strength Shoe builds the calf and stretches the Achilles tendon ­ making any athlete more explosive both by the increase in strength but also by improving the MSR.  Strength Shoes workouts can also increase your anaerobic capacity and your anaerobic power by 500%. Unlike others, the Strength Shoes are medically documented to be safe and effective. Strength Shoes has 17 years of research and development in Plyometrics training shoes.  Plus the the included DVD video instructional program provides structured training system that makes the workouts more fun and easy.

What are they made of? With the Strength Shoes you get a super tight fit and the support of a full synthetic leather hi-top athletic shoe ­ not some sock liner that doesn't breathe and makes your foot sweat and not some contraption that straps onto the shoe and is too heavy to do any true speed training. And there are no straps that can loosen during your workout, thus preventing injury. Our patented design safely limits the range of motion of the ankle and decreasing the likelihood of injury.

With the one-piece anatomical shaped pedestal and all weather indoor-outdoor non-marking outsole, an athlete can pivot 360 degrees on the ball of the foot while the platform remains on the ground. These are only two of the many reasons why the Strength Training Shoe is the World's #1 Plyometrics Training Shoe. 

Lighter, Safer and More Versatile Than Heavier Strap On Soles Soles that strap onto your shoes sounds good in theory but the much added weight of the device is too hard on the knees and thus excludes most speed and quickness work. The added weight limits you to static jumping exercises since they are too heavy on the knees for fast running, quickness and fast forward jumping exercises that are required for for the bulk of the program and an absolute must to achieve desired results or maximum gain.

STRENGTH SHOES   New 2015 Model Improvements

1.) New and improved full one-piece outside back counter and harness for maximum strength and support
2.) One-piece anatomical shaped pedestal and outsole
3.) Improved EVA platform for shock absorption
4.) Improved composite all-weather indoor & outdoor non-marking rubber outsole
5.) Forefoot metatarsal support to insure proper fit and durability. Speed lacing system, for quick on-off use
OLD MODEL (pictured below) vs. NEW MODEL  In addition to the improvements listed above, its just as important that all of the the STRENGTH SHOES we sell are new models and are produced at the original factory that has produced the highest quality STRENGTH SHOES for over 10 years. About 3 years ago prices rose at the original factory and the company tried a new factory to cut costs in order to keep prices down for the athlete. But unfortunately it produced a large batch of inferior shoes many of which are still being sold elsewhere today.
Old Model #1strength shoes image                       Old Model #2 strength shoes image
Pictured above are the 2 old versions of the shoe both of which fit differently than the new models we sell today and the ones pictured on the left (Old Model #1) had many if not all made at the cheap Strength Shoe factory which unfortunately produced many defective shoes with inferior quality. You can rest assured that when you order from us you are getting the highest quality Strength Shoes you've come to know and trust.

Correct Sizing Our new model ATI Strength Shoes® fit true to size for both length and width. They do not run large and they do not run small. So in general a person would wear the same size as measured at a shoe store. For example, my foot was measured at the shoe store for a size 15 so a size 15 fits me. There is 1 initial size exchange allowed if the shoes needs to be exchanged for a different size.  So sure to try them on the first time inside on carpet while ensuring a proper fit.

It used to be with the older model Strength Shoe (including the older Black and Red version) that we said order a half size smaller than Nike. But with the new models we sell they are both designed with the universally accepted standard true to size fitting. Unfortunately Nike shoes are no longer a good comparison because they can run small or true to fit depending on the model. So please do not compare to Nike shoe sizing. Our new models fit true to size for length and width.

ATI Training Shoes for Girls Although there isn't a different shoe made specifically for girls, the white and blue version is much more popular among female athletes because of its more aesthetically pleasing design and color combination. We also sell slightly more white shoes overall to females and team orders because it matches their school colors. And many athletes just prefer a white shoe in general and as we've also been told our white shoe presents more of a "fresh swagger" and confidence.

All Sizes In Stock Now We have all sizes BLACK & RED 5-15 in stock including half sizes from mens M5/F6.5 to M13.5/F15 and the elusive large size 12, 12.5, 13, 13.3 14 and 15. M13.5/F15, M14/F15.5 and M15/F16.5. We usually have multiple pairs in even the smallest 5 and largest sizes 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14 and 15 for fast shipping for team orders. Local try ons for size and order pick ups available by appointment. We also have a few pairs left in WHITE & BLUE available only in size M9/F10.5.

strength shoes video

HD Video and Plan Manual Included Each pair of Strength Shoes® comes with our state-of-the-art PLYOMETRICS HIGH DEFINITION HD TRAINING VIDEO on DVD and 1 page laminated 4 Phase Workout Plan including our exclusive In Season Workout Program for athletes who would like to improve in season but avoid over training. Your workout manual corresponds to the program on the strength shoes instructional DVD. This is a new, improved and updated instructional DVD in HD and workout manual based on the one originally developed by Steve Watterson, Strength and Conditioning coach for the Tennessee Titans (formerly Houston Oilers), and Mackie Shilstone, who works with over 650 elite athletes from all professional sports. Strength  has 13 years of research and development behind its product and continues to be the world's leading Plyometrics training shoe. 

The Strength Shoes HD Video DVD and manual with laminated workout card comes standard included with your Strength Shoes purchase or if you already have Strength Shoes and only need the Strength Shoes Video and Workout program you may purchase that here separately below or on our order page.


STRENGTH SHOES Videos for Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Calf Development  Sports specific STRENGTH SHOES workouts for basketball. football, volleyball and calf building.

Standard ATI Training Shoe Workout Manual and Instructional Video on HD DVD This is the same ATI DVD and Strength Shoe Workout plan that comes with the shoes and is available here separately. You can read more about it above and then go to our order to page to buy it and we'll send it to you with FREE SHIPPING. Unfortuantely for legal reasons we do not sell the manual separately without the instructional DVD and vice versa.

Videos For Strength Shoes Sport Specific and Standard videos info click here

You may also mail a money order or order by phone Toll Free (855)969-5600 or Direct (714)969-5600 or keep reading more about STRENGTH SHOES below.

No Risk Guarantee  There is 14 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so you can order with confidence. ATI STRENGTH SHOES also have a 1 Year Manufacturers warranty providing coverage for defects in manufacturing only and expressly excludes coverage for normal use, excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, loss and theft.

Free Shipping via UPS or FedEx ground to continental USA only.  Please call us (855)969-5600 or Direct (714)969-5600 for an expedited shipping quote (overnight, 2 day and 3 day air available) or exact shipping cost when shipping to PO Box, FPO, APO, Alaska,  Hawaii, Puerto Rico Canada (Canadian orders must also pay import duty upon delivery)   We have a full time customer service staff and Strength Shoes are usually shipped out the same day or within 24 hours.  Call us with any questions you may have.

Minimum Age Requirement  Before beginning this or any training program you must first consult with your physician to de term in the suitability of the program. The previous manufacturer of Strength Shoes (Strength Systems) recomended a minimum age of 12. We can find no minimum age posted on the current manufacturer (ATI) website. Strength Shoes workouts along with all plyometric workouts are not suitable for everyone so please refer to your personal physician before beginning this or any physical training program.

Disclaimer: Coaches Sports Publishing (CSP) assumes no responsibility for any injuries of any type that result from the Strength Shoe, Strength Shoe Standard and Sport Specific Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Calf Training programs, Power Speed Chute, Bonus eBook materials, Jump ropes or any additional training aids we offer. The programs and products contain exercises and programs ranging from beginner to advanced, that, depending on physical condition, may be hazardous to your health. User assumes all risk for performing the exercises described in these program as well as responsibility for examining the products for wear and tear or defect on an ongoing basis. Use of Strength Shoes and any products and programs we offer constitutes an (covenant) agreement to not bring any lawsuit or action for injury caused by using Strength Shoes (aka Katapult Shoes) or any of our products or programs. We do reco end that you consult your physician before beginning this or any other sports, exercise, jump training or dietary program, or cardiovascular and/or breathing problems.

Important Note: It is absolutely essential that user follow all Mandatory Safety Guidelines outlined in the programs, as well all safety guidelines to avoid possible injury. Furthermore, the following of all safety guidelines as outlined still does not guarantee the avoidance of injury and will not be mistaken for the right to pursue legal action in the event of injury. Use of this product or program is at your own risk.

Click Here Now to Order Secure Online Strength Shoes $129.95 with FREE SHIPPING, NO SALES TAX and FREE SPRING TRAINING TRAINING BONUSES.  Or by phone (855)969-5600 or Direct (714)969-5600

When you Order STRENGTH SHOES BY SPRING TRAINING (until June 1st) not only do you get FREE SHIPPING AND WE PAY YOUR SALES TAX but you’ll also get our FREE SPRING TRAINING GIFT OF ATHLETIC IMPROVEMENT  which includes 1-7 below with 4 Bonus eBooks Worth $50.00 (or maybe $50,000 if they help you get an athletic scholarship)

TWO EXAMPLES OF WHAT THESE BONUSES MIGHT MEAN TO YOU:  The eBook portion of the bonuses provides the athlete or coach with some quick and easy gold nuggets of "MUST HAVE" information and techniques that have been distilled from hundreds of books and and coaches into the "short version" that is easily understood and applied because few people have the time to read hundreds of books or have access to so many coaches.  Here are 2 example of what you get:

1) PREVENT INJURY SO YOU CAN AVOID PAIN AND BE IN THE GAME NOT ON THE BENCH:  You get a simple ankle sprain prevention exercise that can be performed in the privacy of your own home in about 5 minutes a day (2-3 times per week) with readily available piece of household equipment that costs less than $5 and you very well might already own. And because you're buying Strength Shoes to jump higher, having stronger ankles will be very valuable when you come back down to earth.

2) GO FROM CHOKE, TO CLUTCH, TO WINNING THE GAME:  We make complicated "simple" with these easy to learn (10 minutes once a day for 21 days) mental preparation CONFIDENCE TECHNIQUES that prevents the involuntary "choke" mechanism in the body and replaces it with a relaxed body response so the athlete can take control and come through in the clutch without freezing up. Without these CONFIDENCE TECHNIQUES you are "out of control" and "at the mercy of your body's involuntary responses."  Which is not fun because fear of being in a pressure situation causes more stress in itself.  Remarkably, the benefits of this little golden nugget of a program can not only be used to enhance athletic performance it can be used by anybody under stress. And the real beauty is once learned it can be used for the rest of your life.

The value of an athletic scholarship to many colleges and universities is currently over $50,000 a year and over $200,00 for 4 years and it seems likely that in the near future college athletes will also get some additional pay on top of that which makes a successful athletic career very financially rewarding and we're not even going into the millions possible with a pro career!   Financial rewards aside sports are supposed to build healthy bodies, develop character, teamwork, self discipline and leadership skills but lets not forget that ....... SPORTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!

So we hope that the addition of these little Training Bonuses will help you stay in the game (avoid injury) be more confident and HAVE MORE FUN!  You can read more about the bonuses below or click the order page link below to get your STRENGTH SHOES shipped to you and you'll get the full eBook bonus portion of your order sent to you via e-mail so you can get started right away!

You may also call to ask questions or order or order by phone Toll Free (855)969-5600 or Direct (714)969-5600 or keep reading more about STRENGTH SHOES Bonuses below.

strength shoes-Strength Book

Bonus # 1 "Build A Better Body"

(Valued at $21.95)

In the first bonus eBook, “Build A Better Body – Strength and Power Training Programs” you’ll learn techniques that can not only potentially help you to increase your vertical jump and get you jumping higher and faster, but also increase overall strength to get you playing stronger, increase quickness, prevent injury and give you a better looking body overall. These programs are to increase strength through simple exercises not complicated Olympic lifts and are not designed to bulk the athlete up although optional modifications are included for that too.

NEWSFLASH! Stronger athletes are more explosive, quicker and jump higher and developing a good strength base is a necessity to achieve the greatest benefit plyometric training shoes and that includes upper body too! Increasing upper body strength and better arm swing accounts for up to 5.1% of vertical jump ability.!

    •  Increasing strength and power works synergistically with plyometric shoe training to improve and Sky Rocket your Vertical Leap to get you jumping and dunking higher and faster and Physically Dominate the Field, Court and your Opponents!
    •  Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Lower Body Fat %, and Get Leaner because a leaner athlete is quicker, and jumps higher! 
    •  Create a Better Looking Body and Eliminate Weaknesses. 
    •  Includes Strength Training Exercises and Tips without weights you can use even if you don't like weights. 

    •  Sample Programs for Upper Body, Lower Body, and Injury Prevention, You can follow Step by Step to get results! 

    •  Injury Prevention Secrets of Pro Trainers, Knees, Back etc. to help you be 100% healthy all year. Includes The Little Known Secret used by the Lakers to prevent ankle and finger injuries before they happen, even when you land wrong -Worth the price of the course alone! 

    •  Discover this co on household item I discovered myself that's a "miracle worker" on strengthening your ankles. 

    •  Find out how Strong Abs are one key to jumping higher, balance and injury prevention, and how sit-ups are good, but these exercises are better. Learn why the order of the abdominal exercises is all important.  This section also makes your abs look great! 

    •  Learn Two Easy Cures and Preventions of Shin Splints. 

    •  Special nutritional Tips on Diet, Creatine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, the Best Proteins, Amino Acids, Glutamine, etc. 

    This Info Can not only help you to improve your Vertical Leap and help you play better in any sport, but give you better fitter body for life!

strength training shoes jump higher-verticle leap-Mind Book

Bonus # 2: "Winning The Head Game" 

(Valued at $17.95)

In the second bonus eBook, “Winning The Head Game- Sports Psyching and Mental Preparation Guide” you learn sports psychology techniques used by Phil Jackson of the Lakers as well as many top college and pro sports teams psychologists to help you become a winner of the Mind Game.  This is not  Zen, chanting or hocus pocus that you may have heard about. These are proven confidence and success techniques taught to every pro athlete and are now available to you in here in this concentrated bonus #2 in which we have removed the fluff and provided all the good stuff you need into an easily to use turn key manual you can use i ediately without having to read many 300 pages manuals and figure it out on your own. 

    -Killer confidence producing mental toughness tactics!
    -Have you ever choked under pressure or missed the easy shot or wide open slam dunk? The solution are these easy to learn Relaxation -Response techniques that will help you play better, become more relaxed and confident, and even help you in every sport, and every area of your life. 
    -Do Fears Hold You Back?  Learn methods to overcome and turn  those fears around and use them to your own advantage! 
    -Head Games – How to Avoid Being Psyched Out, the Top 3 Methods. You can even use these to "psyche out" your opponents.

    Also Cybernetics, Creative Visualization, Imagery, Mental Prep, and Goal setting. You may have read about similar techniques in Michael Jordan’s For The Love of the Game. "I play the game over and over in my mind." His book doesn't explain how to do it, our does! 

    How to unleash the hidden power in your brain like the pros do, to make playing your sport easier and more fun. Everybody has this ability whether their IQ is 50 or 150. 

    This stuff will have your brain telling you "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...  for Hooking Me Up! 

strength shoes workouts- War Book

Bonus # 3: "The Art of War"

(Valued at $10.95)

In the third bonus eBook “The Art of War” The All Time Strategy Classic” by Sun Tzu is a must read for any player or businessman. A 2500-year-old book on strategy and tactics, it’s the oldest book on strategy ever written. It has been used by most of the best Generals throughout history. Japanese businesses in the 70s and 80s used these tactics as their Bible to take on U.S. industry. Required reading in Harvard Business School, it gives you the "strategy advantage" by taking you from competing on "deadly ground" to competing on "heavy ground." This information will be invaluable to you in athletic competition, career and the world of business.  A must read for any player, and a great companion to Strength Shoes

strength shoes workouts- Basketball Advantage Book
Bonus #4  Inner Circle Benefits - money saving discounts on jumping, basketball and fitness products that we arrange exclusively for "Insiders" only!
Bonus #5  $10.00 Off the Jumping Advantage™ package,  the vertical leap improvement system which includes the Advanced Complex Program™ for Strength Shoes®.  You may also add this onto your order now for $10.00. 

Bonus #6   $75.00 Off Personal Coaching- Receive $75 off coupon for my $150/hour Personal Coaching by phone. Your own personal coach is as close as a phone call away.

Bonus #7Added Surprise Bonus - A super surprise bonus 4th eBook that will help you improve your mental abilities on and off the court. This real short read is so amazingly powerful that I've had pro 1 ball player actually call me to thank me!  I'm not going to say anything more because I want it to be a surprise!

Bonus # 8: BasketballAdvantage®

(Valued at $39.95)

This major bonus has been added as a last second addition to the Bonus Package and is one of the most valuable and we realize it brings the total of eBook bonuses to 5 not 4 and the total bonuses to 8 not 7 and who's counting as its not like we're sending you a third shoe! In the this bonus eBook, you will learn “Basketball Fundamental Techniques, Skills, Tips and Secrets” that you’re not going to find in the “Basketball for Du ies” book. Many key and often overlooked distinctions on shooting, rebounding and defense are made in this eBook. Help is on the way for you to shoot the lights out, snatch more rebounds and stop your opponents cold!

• How to Avoid the biggest mistake most players make when practicing shooting. Don't waste your time and energy doing it the wrong way...Learn the right way!

• Offensive moves that are a must for every player and will help you Blow by the Defense!

• Learn the shooting development system used by top college programs and pros to develop more accurate shooting, better muscle memory techniques and get the most out of your practice sessions.

• Techniques to Grab More Rebounds that work no matter what your size. Dennis Rodman's secrets to have you snatching and grabbing rebounds away from your opponents! "I want to do for rebounds what Michael did for dunks." "I came out of nowhere, like I do when I fly in for a rebound." Dennis Rodman

• When you know these Individual Defensive Positioning and Leverage Principals it makes Playing Defense Easy, Effective and Fun!

• Learn What Coaches Want to Make the Team – And How to Get Along with Coaches and Tea ates.

• Get Noticed! How To Contact Colleges, Sample Letters, Recruiting Camps.

• And much more...

The value of the 4 bonus eBooks alone is $50.00. But when you order by June 1st, you get the newest and best Strength Shoes,  FREE SHIPPING,  the 4 Bonus eBooks, and $75 off Personal Coaching,  a total potential value of over $269.95, for only the price of Strength Shoes. And there is nothing else to buy. So don't lose out, order now! 

Here’s How It Works...Just Click Here Now to Order . You can use a credit card, personal check or money order. Indicate your shoe size and we'll ship your Strength Shoes and email you your bonus eBooks. It's as simple as that! 

 Here's a recap of what you get:  ATI Strength Shoes, Free Shipping, 4 Bonus eBooks + $75.00 off Personal Coaching = a Total Value of Over $269.95 for only the price of Strength Shoes. 

There is a difference so Click Here Now to Order  and make sure you are getting the newest and best  ATI Training Shoes and free bonuses!  You will save money, get the best ATI Strength Training Shoes, and get good fast customer service and free Strength Shoes shipping and bonuses!   Isn't that fair enough?

Good luck!


Eric Moyer

P.S. I've been helping athletes jump higher, increase their vertical leap and gain quickness for the past 15 years.  As the author of the Jumping Advantage programs for basketball improvement (and the bonus eBooks) I definitely reco end ATI Strength Shoes for any athlete who wants to improve their athletic performance!

P.S.S. We have a full time staff dedicated to customer service and order entry, and always process orders promptly.

P.S.S.S. If you have any questions about Strength Shoes sizes, shipping, payment, please feel free to email me for details. 

To Order ATI Training Shoes By Phone Toll Free (855)969-5600 or Direct (714)969-5600

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Note: We only ship the original, new model best Strength Training Shoes (not black market or copy of Strength Shoe) from the original Strength Shoes Company which includes the Standard Strength Shoe Training DVD and manual in the box.